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Yoga for Every Body

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I’ve hummed and hawed about writing this for a while now but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s important to share my thoughts! I’ve been teaching children’s yoga for over a year but here’s the thing...I don’t ‘look like’ a stereotypical yoga teacher and I don’t move like one either. My hamstrings are super tight and my tummy often gets in the way!

I’m probably at my curviest just now and am constantly striving for a better body and wrestling with my inner critic (who is a total cow by the way) but I love yoga and I love teaching. I love the way it makes me feel (in my head and in my body), I love the way it shapes my thoughts and I love that It can really make a difference to other people regardless of their age, size and abilities.

Since my very first class in 2011, Yoga has brought some of the most amazing people into my life. Friends who have become family through their love and acceptance of all that I am, whether it be happy, sad, skinny, curvy, steady or faltering! One thing we all have in common is that we are all real and imperfect. It’s taken me until the age of 39 to realise that this is ok. Perfection does not exist and its pursuit can only bring disappointment and anxiety.

My body’s got me through these past 39 years, birthed two beautiful boys and kept moving and functioning when others haven’t been so lucky. My heart has broken and healed, my limbs function and breathing comes easily to me - in many ways I have the perfect body. This is the message I want my yoga voice to spread. Every body is a yoga body and therefore everybody has a yoga body!

I want my yoga kids to grow up knowing that yoga doesn’t have to look like perfect Instagram yoga poses but that it takes many shapes and forms. It’s about moving, breathing, accepting and loving. Maybe me not looking like a yoga teacher is my gift. Maybe I can be someone to share a journey with, rather than someone to aspire to.

So here is my challenge to you all (and to myself). Love what you have and who you are. By all means, continue to do your best and be your best but not at the expense of feeling your best.


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