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Are you looking for a new path to wellness and peace of mind?  Yoga can help you sleep better, move better, breathe better and generally feel better.  It eases anxiety, supports pain management and tones and strengthens both the inner and outer body.

I founded Sonshine Yoga in 2018 after deciding to turn my passion for yoga Into a business that could support children to build resilience, overcome adverse childhood experiences and otherwise develop the life skills necessary to reach their potential.  I was inspired by the work of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Awareness movement which looks at the links between a child’s early life experiences, such as the loss of a parent or family mental health difficulties, in relation to their future health and lifestyle choices.  As a Mum of two boys I can see first hand how these early experiences could impact on my children’s futures and wholeheartedly appreciate the importance of teaching them coping skills for navigating today’s stress filled world.  My many years as a Primary Teacher has only served to deepen my passion for nurturing and developing children’s health and well-being and social skills. 

My classes promote the use of mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga asanas through stories, games and music.  I started providing two classes a week for children aged between 3 and 12 and now run classes for children of all ages, teens and young people with Additional Support Needs. 

In terms of adult classes, I am trained in Seasonal Yoga, Yoga Shred and Yin Yoga and am excited to be working towards my accreditation in Core Strength Vinyasa. 

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your yoga adventure. 


"It’s your commitment to the process that determines your progress”

James Clear


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